Chief Instructor

The Chief Instructor at Tactical Zen Combat Systems is Dan Ranked in the following Martial Arts:

Master Level in the Filipino Martial Art of Kombatan Arnis De Mano.

Head Instructor and 5th Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo.

Chief Instructor & Founder of the Zen Ki Bo Combatives System.

The Korean Martial Art of Hapkido.

The Martial Art of the Japanese Samurai Sword ‘Toyama Ryu’. (Academy of International Martial Arts and Health)

Diploma in Fitness. (Australian College of Sports Development)

The Chief Instructor has trained extensively in the Martial Arts and in Combatives. Working operationally for nearly two decades, he has used his vast experience of threat-based and violent situations to develop Zen Ki Bo Combatives System.

In recent years, the Chief Instructor has travelled to the United States to undertake Close Quarter Combat courses and Knife Combat courses in Los Angeles with Emerson Combat Systems and also to the world renowned Crucible Training Facility in Virginia.